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Having Trust, Faith & Belief in creating amazing products not compromising on the quality to provide the best skincare.

Our products are created through love, passion and determination.
There’s nothing quite like luxurious products & treatments created to make you feel and look amazing at affordable prices.

Quality, Freshness And Self-Care


We are all familiar with the statement

“You are what you eat”


Have you ever applied this to you skin?

60% of products we use absorb into our skin, hence why we should be cautious to avoid harsh chemicals & synthetic ingredients.

Our products are free from parabens, chemicals & toxins, amazing news for us all!

Why not take the first step today & switch to natural & organically sourced products.

Love Your Skin Your In!


Treatments by Mi’ans are more than cleansing, exfoliating and brightening your skin. Our treatments help increase your confidence & self-esteem and reduce stress levels. Regular treatments help remove your skin’s rough surface & will help absorb products effectively.

Try one of our treatments, its only for 1 hour!

Mi’ans Handcrafted Luxury Skincare Made With Love


Loved my latest order of three Mi’ans body balms, all distinctly different but still make my skin look and feel amazing! The new Rose & Vanilla scent smells heavenly, so happy to have found organic & natural handmade products that I can use on my two year old. I can sense the love that has gone into them and the quality of ingredients is evident.


So gutted that my cream is finished because this cream is amazing! My Skin felt instantly softer, the smell is lovely and I can’t wait to re-order!


Love the products, had my skin feeling fresh for the day. Definitely what my body needed for this time of year.


The Mango body balm has help my psoriasis completely disappear!


What can I say, my face & skin feel so good!


It’s all about having healthy, glowing skin and this queen has worked wonders on mine!

Follow for tips and products on how to improve the health of your skin.l


The sugar scrub works so well into the skin and leaves a smooth silky finish. My skin feels so soft!